I created this website because I was sick of cat hating dog owners who kept telling me that cats are mean and aggressive – while their dogs are so much more intelligent, more entertaining and overall superior.

“Those mean cats keep attacking my sweet little puppy!”

– Well, if your “sweet little puppy” wouldn’t keep annoying every single cat he sees with his barking and his obtrusive behavior, he would be fine.

“Cats are dumb, because they are unable to learn motion sequences and other things from humans, the way dogs do.”

– Cats are not less intelligent – they are just more independent. They have their own minds and don’t want to let others decide what to do.

There are so many more false arguments cat owners keep hearing from dog owners. Don’t let them unsettle you.

Let’s show those dog owners why cats are way more adorable than dogs!

Cat Master Race unite!

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